Updated Sunday 23rd February 2020

Mates Lane, Malpas, SY14 8JE

07715 104495 info@hollowoodfarm.co.uk

Local Angus Beef πŸ–€ Reared with love!

Local Angus Beef πŸ–€ Reared with love!

Local Angus Beef πŸ–€ Reared with love! Local Angus Beef πŸ–€ Reared with love!

How It Works

Ordering & Payment

Just give me a call, text or email to visit, have a rub! & pick your own or place your order for free local delivery.  Payment by Cash, Paypal, Card or Bank Transfer in advance.

What weight or size?

Joints just for two or to feed the whole family.  Our beef is hand cut so each pack will vary in size, it’s not done by a machine!  As our beef is traditionally dry aged for at least 3 weeks it won't shrink in the pan!


Delivery is free in Malpas and the local area, we will arrange a convenient time to deliver your order.  We don’t send by courier at the moment sorry.


Fresh vacuum packs will stay fresh in a refrigerator for upto 14 days.  Frozen vacuum packs should be consumed within 12 months of freezing date.  To thaw place in the refrigerator (over night for joints).  Packages can also be placed in a bowl of cool water or at room temperature for upto 90 minutes.


Ensure all meat is at room temperature before cooking.  Steaks, Burgers, Topside & Silverside can be cooked more quickly at a higher temperature.  Braising, Diced, Slow & Brisket should be cooked slowly at a lower temperature.  Don't forget to 'let it rest' whichever the cut!


We'd love to hear your feedback on our Angus beef and the service you receive.  If it's good, that's great, let us know and everyone else!  If it's not, we need to know so we can make it great!  See customer reviews in the β€˜What people think’ tab.