Updated Sunday 23rd February 2020

Mates Lane, Malpas, SY14 8JE

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Local Angus Beef πŸ–€ Reared with love!

Local Angus Beef πŸ–€ Reared with love!

Local Angus Beef πŸ–€ Reared with love! Local Angus Beef πŸ–€ Reared with love!

About Us

Would you like a rub?


We love our cattle and spend all our time caring for them to make sure they have exactly what they need & nothing that they don’t!  Each one is individual, having their own personality.  Some like to just sniff, while others like a good rub, and then there's the rest who follow you around the field tugging at your coat, we have some real quirky characters!

This is Us!


It's a real team effort to make sure all the jobs are done on the farm.  Whichever the season there is always plenty to do, silaging to make the winter feed, baling straw for bedding, milk feeding the baby calves and everything else inbetween.  While it's Rach who deals with the beef produce, Pete, Kenny, Luke, Wayne and Harry are never short of a job.  And Jack & Willis are never far from the action!

Meet the cattle


We are very proud of our animals and the way in which they’re kept, and love to show people how healthy, happy & friendly they are.  Visitors are very welcome on the farm, just give me a call to check i’m here, i’m never far away!

Is Frozen The New Fresh?


Yes it definitely Is! Natures best preservative. From a sustainability perspective there is zero waste. Once the beef produce arrives back at the farm (unless ordered in advance) will be frozen within the hour, just like your frozen peas. As the beef is vacuumed sealed nothing gets in and nothing gets out.  

don't pay over the odds!


Selling direct from the farm allows us to offer premium Aberdeen Angus beef at a fair price.  Our prices are 17% lower than AHDB industry bench marking for private labelled premium beef.  Then we shave a little bit more off the price you pay!

What’s Happening at Hollowood?


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